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Koh Young discussing the Progress Toward a Smart Factory as part of a Webinar Series on May 12, 2020


Koh Young discussing the Progress Toward a Smart Factory as part of a Webinar Series on May 12, 2020

05.04.2020 – Atlanta, Georgia – Koh Young America is sharing its insights about the Smart Factory in an online

seminar scheduled at 10:45am EST on 12 May 2020 in a panel focused on the progress electronics manufacturers

have made to implement a smart factory. Leveraging his background in mechatronics, embedded systems, and

software development, Ivan Aduna will highlight how has been helping Koh Young customers adopt smart

factory solutions. His perspective from theoretical and applied use cases positions him with the ability to understand,

adapt, and implement software advancements across the printed circuit board assembly industry.

As the recognized leader in electronics measurement and inspection, Koh Young continues to expand its capabilities

to solve industry challenges and improve the measurement industry, including smart factory technologies.

“Koh Young passionately believes in the power of a Smart Factory and is focused on its adoption

by electronics manufacturers – both big and small. The cost, time, and quality benefits to manufacturers

and customers alikeunderpin the value of the smart factory. We are excited to discuss the gateway that can help

companies transition to a smart factory concept,” commented Ivan Aduna, MES Software Developer

at Koh Young America. In fact, Koh Young was named one of the 10 Most Innovative Smart Factory

Solution Providers to Watch and earned a position in the “Headlines 500” list of the fastest-growing U.S. companies.

We encourage electronics manufacturers to register for the online webinar at Besides the

Smart Factory session, the web series includes several other topical sessions with practical implications for

electronics manufacturers. The webinar series includes:

      • 05 May 2020 – Coronavirus & Supply Chain Disruptions: COVID-19 has severely disrupted the supply chain
        and affected every facet of our lives. How will the electronics industry mitigate future risk?
      • 12 May 2020 – How Far have you Really Progressed Towards a Smart Factory? Despite the papers
        written about
        the transition to a smart factory, the industry actual implementation has been limited.
        The panel – featuring Ivan
        Aduna from Koh Young – will discuss some execution strategies and
        groundwork for companies of any size.
      • 19 May 2020 – Automation & Energy Conservation in the Reflow Process: Due to electrical and sometimes
        nitrogen costs, ovens are an expensive production tool to run, so what is underway to conserve energy?
      • 26 May 2020 – Robotic Soldering: When does it make Sense? Manufacturers should weigh robotic
        soldering advantages against disadvantages, and this panel will discuss the various aspects.
      • 02 June 2020 – Recent Advances in Low-Temp Solders: Suppliers developed low-temp solders for specific
        applications, but the increased reliability and reduced board stress is appealing to other applications.
      • 09 June 2020 – Cleaning and Surface Preparation: Reduced geometries and higher density are driving the
        increased need for cleaning and surface preparation more important and this panel will discuss options.

If you cannot attend the session, you can learn more about The Gateway to a Smart Factory from Koh Young, as
well as its best-in-class True 3D™ inspection solutions at

About Koh Young

Koh Young, the leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an
essential role for quality control and process optimization across a growing set of industries including printed
circuit board assembly, machining and assembly process manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and
various medical fields. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Seoul, Koh Young has sales and support offices
in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Penang, China, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These
local facilities ensure it keeps a close relationship with its growing customer base and provides them with access
to a global network of inspection and measurement experts.

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