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Make the most of your SPI - solder and sinter paste measurement in power electronics


With e-mobility, power electronics have experienced an upswing. The popular e-bikes also contribute to the positive trend. An important component is the IGBT.
IGBT stands for Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor. IGBTs are used whenever high currents or voltages are switched. That's why you can find everything in drive technology, from fork lifter to escalators.

At the heart of the IGBT is a ceramic substrate with copper connecting surfaces called Direct Plated Copper (DPCs). Lot or sinter pastes are printed on the DPCs over a large area to contact the transistors. This process is the key to the lifespan of the later IGBT, because the quality of the print determines the uniform heat dissipation from the transistor and the mechanical stress caused by the different coefficients of thermal expansion. A poor paste application thus significantly increases the risk of thermal death or voltage breakage in the chip. The critical factors are the flatness of the pressure surface, the print height and the parallelism of the pressure to the contact surface.

The webinar introduces you to the inspection of printed DPCs and shows you the possibilities of quality control with standard machines. Register now at

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