Robotic solution for neurosurgeon stereotactic surgery
· Increases the probability of successive operations by applying an optimized operation process
· Features a highly accurate and reliable 3D vision sensor-based guide system
· Improves surgical satisfaction through structural stability of the guide system
Equipment Introduction
· Medical sensor
   - Use: Improves registration accuracy among the medical images, the patient, and the robot
              through real-time position tracking and 3D measurement of the affected area
   - Features: Real-time tool tracking sensor with 0.5mm level of positioning accuracy,
                     and 3D measuring sensor for affected area with superfine shape measurement accuracy
· Navigation software
   - Use: Displays the position of the surgical instrument on the medical image (CT or MR)
              and guides its anatomical position in the field of operations
   - Features: Stereotactic surgery guide navigation system
· Bed-mounted robot system
   - Use: Automatically guides the posture and the position of inserting surgical instruments
             based on the operation plan
   - Features: Realizes high accuracy with a structure attachable to the operation bed